Day 25: Christmas

On Christmas day my lover gave to me: a cool present ^_^! WOOOOOT IT’S CHRISTMAS, well it’s the end of Christmas right now lol. (11:35)

Hey what is up fam my name is Ray and welcome back to another daily blog for the month of December. December is coming to a close, only a few more days left :0! Anyways I hope you all had a nice Christmas hehe..

As for my Christmas, it was pretty chill lit fam af 🙂 My mom tried to drag me out to church today. HAHAHAHA, she thought ._. Sorry fam, I ain’t about that life. Apparently my family is religious and well they tried extra hard to get me to go, but of course they can’t force me to go ^_^ Church is just not my thing. I don’t want to be in a building full of people listening to a preacher preaching about things I really don’t care about. So of course like any normal person, I went back to sleep for like four more hours.

I woke up at 12 pm. It just gets worse and worse, my sleeping schedule is all sorts of fucked up. Which is worrisome because I have to wake up at 7-8 am to go to someone’s house to do a Spanish project 😦 Anyways, so I go downstairs, eat breakfast and then hide in my room like it’s any other day. Then my uncle comes to visit and he calls me down and hand me a camera and I’m like cool a camera. So I’m fidgeting around and trying to see how it works and all and then I put it back and walk away. I didn’t think it was mine lol, I mean I’m not used to people giving me stuff. Then he called me back and told me it was mine and I was shocked lol.

My initial reaction was: REALLY? Lol, normally I don’t get anything so I wasn’t expecting someone to get me a camera. I appreciate it, I really do ^_^! It’s kind of funny because I did need a better camera and since I had to record a Spanish water ad, a better camera couldn’t hurt. It was a EO5 Rebel Ti2. Thanks fam 🙂

Then like three hours later, we went out to eat. Family dinner, my family and my cousin’s family. 8 course Asian meal. It was pretty good except the food was extremely salty. Like everything was salty, especially the meats and vegetables. Oh and they forgot to bring out two plates of food: Peking Duck and snails. Slow tear cause no Peking Duck 😦 There was a lot of yelling. My mom kept trying to take photos and videos and putting them on her WeChat while I was trying to eat, kinda annoying.

I drank 21 cups of tea, lol. I don’t know why, but tea is good. Don’t drink that much tea, people will think your weird or something lol.

Then I went home and played good old League of Legends. Too bad I lost all of them XD. Feels bad. The second day of break is already over and I didn’t do much school work wise. Oh well, I’ll just do it tomorrow 😄 but tomorrow never comes 😦

Hope you guys had a wonderful Christmas too! Except for that person who stole my pizza, fuck you. Did you get any good presents? Quality family time? Yes? No? Maybe so? I don’t know.

I still have to write this birthday card for someone. Do people even read birthday cards? Who knows.

Oh one more thing, a new Doctor Who episode came out and I want to watch it. Almost forgot about Doctor Who lol.

I think that’s about it. I will see you guys tomorrow!

-Ray, the one and only Santa sunflower~


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