Day 23: Fun

On the 23th day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a fun day. I know right, surprising! Shocking! Ooooooooooooo ahhhhhhhhhhhhh ooooooooo ahhhhhhhhh!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “oh noes I procrastinated on this again” post.

Today I learned that people actually read this. Interesting. Hope you don’t think too differently about me ^_^ I’m friendly I promise!

So just judging by the title, this post is about how I found today to be pretty fun. *insert gasp* I know, I just said the f word, fun 😦 After I writing this I’m about to lose all of my depression street cred.

But before that, I’ll start of with something funny. During the day I bumped into a fire extinguisher and it hurt.. A LOT. Of course I looked incredibly stupid walking into it but who cares about that. I’m just grateful that my glasses didn’t break. Could you imagine the conversation with my parents? “How did you break your glasses? Did you some beat you up?” No I walked into a fire extinguisher… GG!

Oh something else, a friend bought his adviser a giant teddy bear. It was huge.

Oh and one more thing. I decided to wear a santa hat to school today because you know it’s the holiday season and stuff and I needed to lighten up the mood and I’m always looking so sad and everything so gotta spread the festive spirit ^_^… Except people kept on harassing me 😦 They kept ringing my bell. Feels bad.

Okay onto the fun day. So today was International Day and basically it’s a day where we visit different workshops about different cultures and places and learn about them. I ran from 4-6 period. So I still had to go through 1-3.

First period and second period were both hella long. During Math and APUSH really didn’t do much, basically waiting for the bell to ring.

Then came third period lunch, which would normally be Tea Party. So I walk into to the Tea Party room with some other peeps and it’s empty af and then we were told Tea Party was canceled. Part of me was like: yes I didn’t bring a cup anyways and the other part of me was like: what do I do now. So the two peeps with me decided to go to the lunchroom (since that’s were their other peeps were) and me being the oh so polite person I am waved bye to them and I was just going to eat alone in the room because I had nowhere else to go lol. To my surprise, they invited me to come along ouo (woah shocker). So I decided to go chill with their peeps and I’m glad I did. It was fun, it really was. I think Rebecca put it best, they’re like “nightmare kindergartners.” Not judging or anything ^_^ They have an interesting dynamic. Much more lively than the people I’m used to being around. Anyways, we ended up playing a game called Passwords (at least I think that’s what the game’s called). Basically there’s a person gives a one word clue to the guesser and the guesser has to guess the word. Simple enough. Fun stuff. Today I learn some people give some really bad clues or can’t think of good clues to give or can’t guess ivy hahaha.

Then straight into international day. First stop was Korea. I didn’t like Korea. I applaud them for their effort but they were heavily disorganized. Besides that it’s your generic Korea overview. Some history into Kpop/Kdrama. The food was nice too, some type of noodles (not sure what kind).

Next was the Andes Region/Hispanic. This time it was just general regional information. The food was great, sugar on top of sugar! Flan, creme soda and wafers!

Then Bangladesh. It was another presentation about their country. This one had a cool dance ^_^ and also cool Henna. The food was also pretty good! A choice between rice or samosas.

Then I had India. Along with the presentation they had us sing a children’s nursery rhyme. Also if a group could do it perfectly, then the presenter would do it 2x speed. AND HE DID LOL. It was pretty amazing actually. Also the food here was like an Indian fried onion ring. Reminded me of like an oyster cake minus the oyster.

Then I had Denmark, my favorite. Pretty chill presentation. They had us play a game that was sort of like Musical Chairs except it was called Whales and it had to deal with fishes. The food here was black coffee. IT WAS THE BEST.

Then it was Germany. Germany was honestly pretty boring. The food was mostly just cookies and crackers. Not my cup of tea.

Last was Switzerland. At this point I was really tired and just waiting for the day to end. They made some people play a chocolate game. It was okay.

Overall it was pretty fun. Learning about different cultures, eating free food and not having classes is great.

Then the after school stuff. So basically people wanted to celebrate and go eat since it was the last day before the break. Normally I would be totally fine with this but just yesterday I spent like 15$ on Bonchon and I’m broke af. So like I’m leaning towards the I just want to go home side but then one of the people comes at with “Billy’s going.” I really hate it when people say “Oh Billy’s coming” like that’s going to change my choice of whether I’m going to go or not. Like no offense or anything but whether he goes or not doesn’t affect my choice that much. If he comes, cool and if he doesn’t whatever. It’s so annoying.

Anyways I really didn’t want to go but I ended up going to not give the wrong impression to someone who I previously said I didn’t want to go see Rogue One with him.

Anyways we go eat pho and in the middle of pho I get a snap from a person and from this person it could only mean one of three things. 1). She’s going to tell me that she’s working on my drawing that I’m never going to get (“soon” she says). 2). She’s sending me a snap that she sent to everyone else or 3. Something different.

Turns out she just needed company for like an hour or so (RIP MY DRAWING 2016-2016 haha). Since she invited me to her lunch table earlier that day, I thought I’d pay her back haha. Jay Kay, that didn’t even cross my mind. I’m just a nice person who doesn’t want someone to spend an hour alone at a tea shop staring at her phone for the majority of it. It reminds me of Thursday lunch 😦 Literally everyone is busy with enrichment and I eat alone in the first floor hallway and then waste the rest of the period of my phone. No one deserves the Thursday lunch treatment. IN OTHER WORDS, I just wanted an excuse to hangout. Win-Win.

Anyways  we ended up talking for an hour about stuff. Today I learn that she likes hot bubble milk tea (which actually sounds disgusting btw) and that she gets full after only half a large cup. Interesting.

After that, she left to go buy birthday presents with her friend. I just went home. I fell asleep on the train and if it wasn’t for a kind stranger, I wouldn’t have gotten off at the last stop.

That’s basically it. Yes I know I’m weird. I didn’t want to go eat pho but I did it anyways and then I ditched those people to go hangout with someone else. Why? I don’t know. It was more fun that way.

Okay, I go sleep now. It’s late and I’m tired.
Happy holidays peeps.





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