Day 22: Salt

On the 22nd day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a little tiny salt shaker, comes in nice and handy!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “oh wow it’s actually a lot earlier than usual” post! Today’s post is going to get pretty salty and ranty soon but before that…

Shoutout to Tina (tinacbeauty) for giving me a chocolate orange ^_^ Lol it’s so big and circular, gotta go eat it tomorrow morning. Also, I’ll be giving out candy canes tomorrow hehe. How to pretend I actually have friends xd.

Okay rant time.

Thursday, what the actual fuck. Normally Thursday aren’t this bad but today was not my day. Today we had this thing called Middle States, where basically high schoolers and middle schooler would work together on certain activities. It’s like really weird. I’m in 11th grade matched with 7th graders.

I hate Middle States for many reasons. The first reason is because my partners are complete garbage. The second reason is because my partners are still complete garbage. I don’t connect with these kids in any way. They’re complete garbage. What I mean is, these kids are so rude and obnoxious and it kills me to see and listen to whatever the fuck they’re doing. Cancerous.

I repeat, I hate Middle States. I don’t remember myself in 7th grade being that rude or that annoying and obnoxious. If you could just see/hear what these kids do, you’d cringe too. They’re not all bad, but mine are especially. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh, feels bad.

Now normally I wouldn’t mind Middle States because it shortens the other class periods by like 10 minutes but I hate a Physics test 2nd period. I needed all the time I could get for these Physics test man.

Thursday Physics test are the worst. I could go on a tangent with these geez. I have to take test in the lunchroom, which sucks because the lunchladies just love to have beef with each other and yell extremely loud when I’m over here trying to figure how much kinetic energy is produced and shit.

Well today was much worst than that, oh boy. Try taking a Physics test in the lunchroom with a goddamn French class watching French cartoons. HOLY SHIT THAT IS TILTING! Like I’m over here trying to calculate the momentum of these objects and from the corner of the lunchroom I hear these happy ass French peeps speaking French and I’m just like: what the fuck are they saying and I kinda want to look up but if I look up, I’ll just waste time. It’s so distractingggggggggggggg.

Not only that, don’t forget I had to take the test with a ten less minutes than usual. Can you imagine taking a test about Physics and having to deal with French shit and minus ten minutes from what you usually have. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I don’t think I did well but the last time I said that I got a 100% lol. But this time, I didn’t answer a question and just wrote “Merry Christmas and Happy New Years” lol. I only do that in Physics class cause the teacher is pretty chill lit fam af.

The rest of the day isn’t really that important until I get to English class. This part has nothing to do with English.

So I’m walking into English class and the previous teacher there had some left over pizza and soda so I’m like “cool, free pizza.” So I go get myself a slice a pizza and place it down at my desk and then I get up to get some soda and sit back down and BAM. SOME JACKASS STOLE MY GODDAMN PIZZA LITERALLY BEHIND MY BACK. WHO DOES THAT? LIKE WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? SERIOUSLY THOUGH, IT GOT ME SO PISSED. IODAJDOIASJDOSAJDO… WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU STEAL MY PIZZA RIGHT FROM DESK. MY PIZZA MAN! I WAS HUNGRY TOO! SERIOUSLY, TO THE PERSON WHO STOLE MY PIZZA, FUCK YOU. I HOPE YOU FALL IN A HOLE OR SOMETHING.

Then something else happened after school that pissed me off too. Since my sister is lecturing me right now, I’m going to keep this short. Basically, a friend told us to order food (chicken wings) for him at this Korean Fried Chicken place and they were hella expensive. EXCEPT HE DIDN’T WANT TO FUCKING COME TO THE GODDAMN RESTAURANT TO PICK IT UP! WHAT THE FUCK! LIKE DON’T TELL US TO ORDER YOU FOOD IF YOU AINT COMING TO GET IT! Not only that, he gave some of the shittiest excuses too! For example: “I’ll come if I can find my keys.” DUDE, HOW DID YOU GET INTO YOUR HOUSE? HOW DO YOU MISPLACE YOUR KEYS THAT QUICKLY GEEZ! Then he was like: I’m heading over to the general area, but I gotta get Fried Rice. HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH? If you were gonna get fried rice, why ask us to buy chicken. I DONT GET IT…

Now you may think I’m just being petty, but it’s about the goddamn principle in both situations. In the first one, why would you steal my pizza right off my desk? Like I just can’t believe you were that desperate to do such a thing. The second one, if you say you’re going to do something, do it and don’t back out of it geez.

I’m sorry if this didn’t make too much sense. I was originally going to put a bit more effort into this but my sister (who just recently came home from college) decided to talk to me for a good hour and 20 mins soooo my bad. The basic jist is: Some jackass stole my pizza and some dude wanted us to order him 15$ chicken wings but never showed up and when we called him he was like, I’m not coming.

It’s the small things in life that piss me off man. Especially the second person because I know him and I don’t like him, personally. I really did try really hard this year to like him more but I just fucking hate his guts. UGHHHHHHHHHHH

/end rant.

Time for bed. I shall make a Ray’s Rant on this for fun. Ok, bye bye.

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~


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