Day 20: An Idea

On the 20th day of Christmas my lover gave to me: an idea for my Spanish project ^_^

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “wow, I haven’t done anything again” post.

So the boring part of the Spanish project is over and now we have to come up with our own advertisement about water. We get to film it too. Lol, this is probably the only fun creative project I will like.

Now my group wants to do something related to water bottling flipping, which I really think is super cliche but it’s not like I have any better ideas lol.

Or do I? I don’t know. See what I wanted to do, I wanted to make an ad to the music of Virtual Riot – Energy Drink.

My idea, inspired by others of course. I wanted to make an a short storyline. It starts out with someone who just woke up and getting out of bed. The first shot is done in first person while the next shot is filmed from a different angle of the person getting out of bed. Then first person into the bathroom/3rd person of the person brushing their teeth and getting ready. (or we can just complete skip that part and just head down the stairs). Either way, downstairs at the dinner table, there will be 3 drinks. For example: An energy drink, our bottle of water and some Starbucks coffee. The person chooses between the 3 three drinks but doesn’t choose the water (so either the coffee or the energy drink). The camera then zooms in on our water product then jumps to the next scene where the person is outside, walking down the road. I want this scene to be cut in three. The screen would be cut into 3 parts from bottom to top: legs, body, face and then it will go into one scene again as the person opens his drink and starts drinking it. The person is still very tire (since he decided not to drink water). As the person walks down the road, the person bumps into a friend who’s looking pretty swell. The camera would have a frontal shot of the friend approaching the person then a side 3 section shot of the friend walking and then a shot of the friend drinking our lovely water product. Then the next shot would be, the two meet up and the friend shows the person that he could flip his water bottle. The person finds it really cool and tries to do it too. If the person used the Starbucks coffee, then the bottle would shatter into pieces and the person would be very sad (RIP COFFEE) (THIS COULD ALSO BE DANGEROUS). The friend then gives the person a bottle of water. The next shot would be of the person drinking the water then has a surprised face. Then there could be a blur transition that leads into a montage of cool water bottle flip tricks. And then after that, the two people cheers their water bottles, then proceed to flip them simultaneously and then just walk away. The screen blurs as the two people walk away with only the bottles of water being some what legible and then the slogan appears.

Doesn’t that seem like a cool idea? It’s a bit random, but so what ^_^? I think it’s cool! If I ever bring it up, maybe it’ll be done haha.

Well, I have to go read Catcher in the Rye right now soooooooooooooooo… I’ll CATCH you tomorrow 😉

I’m punny!

-Ray, the one and only punny sunflower~


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