Day 19: Four More Days!

On the 19th day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a really cool looking tumbler ^_^!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “It’s nighttime, the best time to reflect on what happen today” post.

ONLY FOUR MORE DAYS UNTIL MY BREAK!!! I CAN’T WAIT! Like break cannot come any slower, can it? I’m so done with everything. At this point, literally dragging myself to the finish line. :(:

What happened today? Well today was Monday, so I have low expectations. Mondays are automatically shitty days until proven wrong. I’m actually not too sure what stuck out today. Let me think…

In gym class I had to learn a new dance today, some type of Cuban Salsa. It was much faster than the other dances and I struggled like hell lol. I was so bad, I couldn’t get the basic steps down (back left, up right, up left, turn basic step, then turn away). It took me like forever to get into the rhythm of things. Also had to dance with the dance instructor and she’s really good and I’m like trash and had no idea what I was doing xD! After awhile, I managed to get into the grove and it was getting pretty fun. Dancing is fun when you know how to do it. Other wise, it’s really stressful 😦 So much to remember and being the leader, I gotta lead the other person. Lel, I’m not leader. It’s a learning process though.

Fast forward to after school… don’t you just hate it when you’re super hungry and have no food? I hate that feeling! You know that Snickers commercial where you’re not you when you’re hungry? THAT’S SO TRUE! HOLY SHIT! Lol, I was acting drunk/weird af. I couldn’t really focus and just complained about how hungry I was. I keep bugging my friends to give me food and I didn’t actually think they would, but they actually did! Surprise, surprise. It’s nice to have friends who are willing to give you food! On a side note, Halal food is pretty good. I wouldn’t eat it every day, but once in a while it really tastes good ^-^ and it’s cheap. Win-win.

Then I got home and everything just went downhill. My life in a nutshell: everything seems fine until it goes downhill. I told myself I was going to study for APUSH and I was… keyword “was”. I opened my textbook and started reading chapters 18-22 and of course, didn’t finish. Half way into chapter 19, I fell asleep LOL. Like knocked out cold. I just put my head down on the textbook, closed my eyes and before I knew it, it was 8 pm and I didn’t do jack shit. Why am I always so tired fam? 😦 It’s such a hassle. I want to get shit down but my body is like: NOPE! You’re not allowed to work today. Try again in like an hour. Feels bad. Oh well, either way I’m going to fail this APUSH. I never do well. I always study, but never do well. People who don’t study do better than I do. Discouraging. I quit.

My friend’s birthday is coming up. Known her for 6 years and I still don’t know what to get her. Lol, we’re not as close as we used to be. I feel like that’s the story with everyone lol. I dwell too much in the past. Sadly, the past contains all the happier times lol. Well compared to now, they were happy.

Anyways, I just suck at coming up with gifts. Lol, I gave a friend the same present for 3 years now I think. Every year I would get her 3 new Copic Markers ^_^.

(Not really related by I’m still waiting for my drawing she said she would draw me for my birthday. At this point I’m losing hope and I’ll probably accept the fact that I was pranked and I was foolish to think I would actually get a present from this person :^) but I still believe).

Seems to work out well. But people who don’t have specific wants are a bit more iffy. Especially if they got you something too and especially since I’m always complaining about not getting presents LOL. I put myself in this dilemma where I’m just like: gotta get you something but like what though…. Yes this is what I worry about.

I put friends really high on my priority list even if they don’t do the same. They’re literally all I have. They make my life that much more spicy. They’re great. Except I’m extremely bias and I like some more than I like others. Yeah, I don’t know where I’m going with this. Basically, I only like cool people. It’s an exclusive club only.

Good night! Sleep tight~ I’m going to be grumpy tomorrow morning lol

-Ray, the one and only exclusive sunflower~





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