Day 18: RIP Fried Chicken >:(

On the eighteenth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a hot Starbucks drink because getting a cold drink during the winter isn’t norm. (As you can see, I’m running out of things lel)

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another “daily self reflection and realization that I didn’t really do anything today” post!

I don’t know why I even set alarms for myself anymore… I tried to wake up at 8:30 am today but I kept snoozing and ended up waking up at 11:00 am. LOL! Why am I so lazy? Why can’t I just get out of bed? The world will never know… No but seriously, if I could just force myself out of bed easier every morning, my life would be like 10% easier and like 30% more efficient. Just think about all the things I could do if I just woke up a bit earlier. I could finish homework earlier, play more games, sleep earlier, write this blog post earlier… On the weekdays, I could make myself breakfast and not starve. Too bad waking up is hard. Especially during the winter, it’s too cold to get up from my comfy cozy bed. I don’t want to wake up at 6 am 😦 I don’t think anyone does. But unfortunately, the world is full of things that we don’t want to do but we have to do.

Speaking about breakfast, what’s your favorite breakfast? I like to make sunny-side up eggs whenever I wake up earlier enough. Too bad I don’t have bacon 😦 Struggles of living in an Asian household, there’s never bacon. I don’t think I ever had eggs and bacon xD. A close second is cereal. Honey Bunch of Oats is pretty good, although cereal during the winter doesn’t taste as good as cereal during a warmer weather. It’s too cold.

Anyways, today like any other day was not productive. One of these days, I will learn to manage my time. I studied a bit for the SAT and I can say that I fucking hate this scatter plot analysis 😦 Finding points and comparing them is annoying. I also realized I’m still pretty stupid 😦 Feels bad… It’s a learning process though! Practice makes perfect… I hope.

Then after that, I played like 3 ranked games. Won the first one and then lost the next two. Currently 2-3. First game was a stomp, all the lanes did pretty well. The second game my jungler didn’t take smite, so he lost us the game. The third game, once again our jungler was ??? Had no idea what he was doing honestly. I was doing pretty well until I got ganked over and over again. Feels bad.

Then I had to work on my Spanish Powerpoint. I seriously wonder why we’re focusing so much on Spanish Ads recently. I don’t get it. This project seems nothing more than busy work and bs. Lol, easy 50 points I guess. After that L on the last test, I’m gonna need all the points I can get since the midterms are coming up. The second part of the project is to make an ad about water… Not too sure how that’s going to work but okayyyyyyyy.. I want to film it ^_^ It would seem fun. Acting stupid in front of the camera, oh how times have changed. I remember I used to dread cameras, now they’re just like whatever.

Spanish took me like 1.5 hours, didn’t think it would take that long. Then I went to eat dinner and my brother ate my fried chicken 😦 My mom was saving a piece of fried chicken for me and my brother ate it. UGHHHHHHHHHH! So fucking savage 😦 I know he doesn’t like me but that doesn’t mean he should eat my fried chicken!!! I love fried chicken and plus the noodles that I had to eat weren’t exactly the best or that filling. RIP Fried Chicken, you will be missed. Made me sad 😦

So after that tragic event, I went to do my English homework. I still don’t completely understand Catcher in the Rye, seems like such an odd book. Holden is still a very weird character, I don’t get him.

Then I proceeded to do APUSH and holy shit was it long. I didn’t expect it to be 17 short answers plus 15 multiple choice. Geez, I really should of started my homework sooner. I say that every time but I never do it. What a shame. Have a test this Tuesday and Wednesday, knowing me I’m gonna fail again. Depressing.

I just finished my Physics homework like 30 minutes ago. Have a test Thursday too, ugh ugh. Learning about momentum and collisions and I really don’t know what I’m doing. I don’t really pay attention in class and I haven’t read the textbook yet soooooo… I still don’t know the difference between inelastic and elastic collision.

Wow, would you look at that I have 5 minutes to spare! Nice 🙂

Well, that will be all for now. I think I’ll go play some MapleStory for a while before I go to sleep. Thanks for reading! Just kidding, it’s literally only me talking to myself ^_^

-Ray, the one and only lonely sunflower~


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