Day 15: Cold

On the fifteenth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: below freezing temperature and high winds. Thanks fam…

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to “Hey, it’s the daily reflection”post.

Today was cold as fuck. In fact, it’s starting to get really cold. Like I had to get a heavier coat just so I don’t get sick. I’m hoping that since it’s below freezing, maybe I can get some snow. Maybe that could lead to some snow days ^_^! But then again, snow days would ruin my spring break 😦 .

Unfortunately, today wasn’t too eventful.

Had math first period in the morning (I have it every day first, which sucks but it makes the day go by faster). My teacher is sick again so we spent like half the period doing an ice breaker about holiday traditions and then the other half about learning about sine/cosine properties. Math class is really boring so I tend to put my head down. Plus I was extra tired today for some odd reason. Keep yawning and taking mini naps. Anyways, teacher called me out for that. FeelsBad 😦 Trying to pay attention is hard. No disrespect.

Then I had physics. Thursday physics is my favorite ^_^ I get to sit next to a person who walks to kill herself and a person who likes to grope people. It’s great entertainment yo. Anyways, in the lunch room we share classes with a 10th grade French class and they were having a party. I was jealous, I want a party. You know what would be cool? A French Physics party, that would be lit yo. I don’t even speak French, but I do like me some physics. My physics teacher is pretty cool. He’s very chill, funny and does decent teaching. I just want a party, is that too much to ask for?

Then lunch. Lunch at 10:13 is a drag. It’s not even lunch. It’s brunch. I get so hungry afterward. But I got used to it and now if I skip lunch, I would be dead for the rest of the day. Unfortunately while Thursday physics are the best, Thursday lunches are the worse. That’s because all my friends have enrichment and clubs to go to and I’m not apart of them/dropped out because I didn’t find them helpful. You know how awkward it is sitting alone trying to enjoy some quality time on your phone? Lol, I feel like every person who walks by judges me for being alone. Who knows ^_^

The rest of the day wasn’t too important. Spanish was boring and I hate mindfulness meditation. Holy shit, I can not stay still for 35 minutes straight. It’s impossible! I get so tired and sleepy. It’s the worse.

Hmm let’s talk about something different. I have 19 minutes left and I’m trying to think of things to write about as I help my home view her 5,000 photos on her iPad. Geez how does someone take that many pictures??? It’s ridiculous!

Anyways… I have some YouTube videos planned for the holidays. Not really holiday related, but like I got videos that I want to make. Some ideas are: what I want for Christmas, 1-2 new Ray’s Rants and some Stardew Valley videos. Oh and I have this funny (well I think it’s funny) New Year’s video! I just need to get himself to film these that’s all. Hopefully I get them all done, the more the merrier. Actually no, quality over quantity. It’s gonna be lit, hopefully.

I need to get me a Santa Hat to get myself into the holiday spirit. Gotta get me some candy canes to giveaway too! Call me Santa Ray hehe!

I also need to get 2 people birthday presents and I have no idea what to get them. Like I don’t want to get them nothing but at the same time I have no idea what they like. I hate myself for doing so, but I’m probably gonna end up getting them both gift cards ._. I’m such a horrible person lol. Then again I don’t really know these people that well but it’s only polite.

Man I need to do a lot of things. What if I don’t get anything done. That would suck. Like I still have to do homework right now and shower sooooooooooooo… I’m done. Gonna go take a shower and read and study for a quiz tomorrow.

Good bye!

-Ray, the one and only Santa sunflower~


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