Day 11: I’m a Procrastinating Mess

On the eleventh day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a candy cane ^_^

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “I write things that happen in my life and realize how much time I waste every day” memo.

I’m a mess. Holy shit, I’m a mess. I’m a procrastinating mess right now. I literally spent the entire day not doing a single damn thing. Wow. I have a Spanish test to study for that I never really studied for yet. Chapter 3, all about the media, subjunctive, tu commands, nos commands, and ud/uds commands. I don’t even know what half the vocabulary is. I should really go study. I keep telling myself I’ll go study but it never happens. It went from “I’ll go study at 3pm” to “I’ll go study at 6pm” to “I’ll go study at 9pm.” You get the point.

I did nothing today. Nothing productive that is. I didn’t start my homework until 7pm lol. I forgot I had an essay that was due on Monday. It was a good thing I wrote most of it last week, so I was saved from that panic.

Something that was pretty cool: I got a 100% on my physics test. Lol, I thought I failed it but it turns out I did pretty well. I’m certain it was curved, I know I got a question wrong. So glad I got a 100, now I can safely fail my midterm without worrying about my overall grade too much. Still gonna study though, just glad I have some backup ^_^.

The last couple of blog post haven’t been that spicy. I’m sorry. I really don’t do much on the weekends. I’m a couch potato and stay home all day. I don’t really go out so not much happens. I’m sorry for the lack of quality in my recent post. I’ll try my best to make them much better. Unfortunately, I keep procrastinating and that makes me rush to do things and get things done on time. I really need to fix that. Need to get and sort my life out. I gotta force myself to finish homework first. I gotta get into that habit. Sigh sigh, working on it.

Since I don’t really want to waste too much time rambling about nothing, I’m going to end this post short. I really need to study for this Spanish test that I haven’t looked over yet. Wish me luck! I’ll need it. I suck at Spanish, I think it’s my worst subject 😦

Alrighty, good bye fam! Have a nice day/night!

~Ray, el unico girasol (the one and only sunflower) ~


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