Day 10: Pretty Much Nothing

On the tenth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a cup of lemon tea ^_^.

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to the “I’m so tired and still need to do other things” log.

I’m honestly not sure what to talk about today. Not much really happened.

I went to sleep really late last night, think it was around 2am. Then it took me forever to wake up this morning. Spent most of my day playing Stardew Valley and League of Legends. I’ll have you know, fishing for squids is the most annoying thing ever. They never come out geez. They only spawn at night but I had to spend 5 nights to even encounter my first one. Besides that, wasted my day farming, fishing and mining.

With League, had a bit of drama. Just enough to spice up the day. One friend said to the other friend, “I don’t like you” and then he got offended and ran off and played solo. Feels bad when people can’t take a joke. Feels bad. Seriously like is boring when you can’t make fun of people.

Then I spent like 2 hours trying to record a video for Stardew Valley. Lol, for some reason I just didn’t like the way I was commentating, but it didn’t get any better. Plan on doing a playthrough series where I upload once a week. It’ll take forever, but at least I won’t get bored of the game that way and also I don’t have time to upload once a day or 3 times or week.

Gotta make myself another cup of tea to keep me awake. Have a lot of work I have to catch up on. Sigh sigh.

Yeah nothing really happened today. So I’m just going to keep this short and not drag it out. I don’t have anything else to write about either, no rants or anything. Well maybe a question of the day.

QOTD: Do you sleep on your left side or right side? Or are you one of those people who sleep facing upward?

-Ray, the one and only procrastinating sunflower~


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