Day 9: It’s Finally Friday

On the ninth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: some tea topped with some melted watermelon water ice.

Hey what is up fam my name is Ray and welcome back to the midnight journal. It’s finally fucking Friday, so glad. This was a long week. Just felt like I had so much more homework this week and last week compared to the other weeks I had of school.

My math student teacher left today. It was his last day :0 I didn’t really like him that much but I hope he becomes a great teacher. He has potential. I felt like he’s a better than my actual math teacher. Then again in my opinion they both suck. I like being taught straightforward, textbook based. Don’t try to incorporate other things that aren’t related. Also I don’t like it when teachers are like explaining things to me like I’m 5 but at the same time I don’t like it when teachers just introduce something and never mention it again. I’m picky with my teachers. Oh also got my math test score back, it was okay. Didn’t fail, but didn’t do too well.

Had an APUSH debate today about whether or not Lincoln was a racist during the 1850s. I didn’t actually go but I should have. Holy shit was it one sided. I was on the side of Lincoln wasn’t a racist and the people that were on the side of Lincoln was a racist were just defeated. They literally lost from the beginning. This debate was based off of 4 documents we read in class and most of the documents supported Lincoln not being racist and as well as the time period he was “progressive.” I don’t know, was President Lincoln a racist? I don’t like to get political.

Then I had lunch. Lunch was an interesting experience lol. There’s a new lunchlady and she asked everyone if they wanted fries and most people said yes so the older lunchlady was like: Hey don’t even bother asking, most of them want fries, and the new lunchlady got offended and then they got into some beef and I’m just like, can I get my food and go? Come on now… Today’s lunch was infinitely better than yesterday’s lunch haha. Had Tea Party, literally an enrichment about tea and drinking tea, it’s great I love it!

Story time: My friend Rebecca was eating water ice and half literally eating half the cup she asked, “Hmm what flavor is this?” LOL you ate half the cup and you still don’t know the flavor is, okay… My friends are weird. They’re great, but they’re weird. For example, my friend Vivvy likes melted ice cream ouo. Okay fam, you do you. She decided that her water ice was too solid so she putted it over my cup to heat it up. Then we were joking around how if she dropped the water ice, then my tea would taste like watermelon. So then as a joke, she motioned pouring the water ice and IT ACTUALLY WENT IN 😡 All fun and games until the water ice actually makes contact with my tea. Jk, it was pretty funny ^_^

Then I had English and got roasted by my teacher because my personal essay sucked haha. She said it was too repetitive and I mentioned that I was lonely and sad too often. She was right though :0

Something interesting happened today. While I was going home on the subway, two policemen apprehended what seemed to be an innocent person today. They walked up to him and pushed him against the wall and tried to handcuff him. It was a whole scene. He wanted to know what he did wrong and police just told him to calm down and that he was resisting arrest. I was worried, I didn’t want this to become another police brutality situation. However, had no idea if he was innocent or not. For all I knew, he could of been a serial killer and sold drugs. I guess, stay safe fam..

Oh, one more thing. So today while playing league of legends, one my friends was getting flamed by another higher elo player and I thought it to be the funniest shit ever. I never seen my friend this mad before. Literally, he’s usually a pretty chill person but he was going off at this guy. While all he had to do was mute the person who was flaming, I’m glad he didn’t, it was a clownfiesta. The sad thing was, the things he was getting flamed for was true. Even if the person flaming him said it in a toxic way, the core message is true. I even agreed with him and I didn’t know where to go with this. I guess some people can’t accept the true (huehue). Sometimes you just gotta admit you’re playing poorly :p Maybe it’s a pride issue… People don’t like to be told they suck. Huh. Where was I trying to go with this?

Anyways, some pro tips about getting flamed. If you get flamed by someone, don’t react. As horrible as that seems, people usually harass others to get a reaction out of it. I know I do. If you don’t react they won’t get that satisfaction of your salty feelings. Just go on with your life. By not reacting, you make them more mad and then you get that satisfaction of salt. For example, this one time I accidentally subtweeted probably the most savage person I know (and by accidentally I mean I didn’t it was that big of a deal but apparently I’m wrong). So then she replied and karma’s a bitch and she started to subtweet me, in front of me. I actually thought it was hilarious lol and most of her tweets summed up to: “Ray fuck off.” So since most of the things she said were basically true, I just started liking her tweets and I guess that annoyed her cause I got blocked 😦 feelsbad. I don’t think we’re on bad terms today though, I hope not. It would suck to find out that she actually still hates me and pretends to deal with me. Oh the horror.

If you’re getting made fun of by your friends, then that’s a difficult case of its own. I like to constantly make fun of my friends, not to put them down or anything but to keep our friendships interesting. I like to test the boundaries of our friendship and have a good time. Having fun of my friends lightens my mood. It’s okay, I make fun of myself too, it balances out ^_^

Okay, I think I went on for long enough. I should really catch up on some sleep yo. I haven’t slept in a while.

I leave you with a question of the day: Do you blindly support your friends or do you come to a point and realize sometimes your friends are just wrong and you should stand up for yourself on what you believe is correct?

Odd question.

I’m out.

-Ray, the one and only sleepless sunflower~



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