Day 8: Chicken Nugget

On the eighth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: a salad ^_^! I don’t think the title has anything to do with the post. But keep reading!

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to sad sad days with Ray. Lol, jk jk. Don’t leave, I promise it gets better 🙂 Just like any other day, today was a sad sad day.

Thursday, the day right before Friday. One more day and the week would be over. All I need was to survive for 1 more day. Welp, you know your day’s gonna go well when you wake up late. And by waking up late, I mean missing all 6 of my alarms. Hmmm, wonder how that happened. How did I miss 6 alarms, that were all 15 minutes apart from each other. Maybe I just snoozed all of them 6 times LOL. Unlucky~ Waking up late sucks because that means I can’t make myself breakfast and not having breakfast really sucks because then I would be hungry for the morning. When I’m hungry, I’m unproductive. All I can think about is wanting food. Don’t make me hunger, you won’t like it when I’m hungry :^).

Anyways, had a physics test 2nd period. No breakfast plus a test 2nd period is the perfect strategy. Don’t do it. Just wake up on time. Those extra minutes of sleep aren’t worth not eating anything :0! I was so hungry during the entire test. That wasn’t even the worst part of it. I literally had no idea what I was doing when I walked in to take the test, which was in the lunch room. Lunch room test suck. There’s a french class in there and there are also lunch peeps arguing with each other, the environment is so distracting. Anyways, I’m there trying to solve physics problems about work and energy and the fourth question is asking about what the E stands for in Wile E. Coyote. It was at the moment, I knew I was fucked. Man I knew I should of watched Looney Tunes when I was younger. What the fuck man, not cool. Some people didn’t have childhoods okay 😦 You don’t assume everyone watched Looney Tunes. The test wasn’t particularly hard, it was just the question were worded extremely awkwardly. I’m not too sure how I did honestly. I thought I did bad but then afterward when discussing it with some smarter peeps, I got the same answers as them so maybe I did well. Who knows :0

Then came lunch and all my friends had clubs or enrichments to do, so I ate lunch alone on the first floor hallway and everyone who passed by me that knew just had to casual say, “Hey you look lonely, why you sitting by yourself?” I know me being all by myself at a table might make you feel bad (or not), but it’s okay ^_^. Being lonely is okay, sort of, not really, just kidding. Lol, Thursday lunches are so boring. No one to talk to, everyone so busy.

How many Chicken McNuggets does it take to feed an entire group of Asian girls? Apparently 150… The more you know~
Lol can you imagine eating 150 chicken nuggets. Makes me hunger, sigh it’s 11:38 right now. Want me some nuggets 😦
Actually no, I’m healthy (not saying they aren’t, don’t get me wrong)! I would take a salad over Chicken McNuggets any day. McDonald chicken nuggets taste weird. They’re too bready.

The rest of the day wasn’t actually that memorable.

I’m seriously hungry right now. I’m never talking about food again. GEEEEEZ, hungry hungry hipo.

Thanks all for now, homework calls and I must answer!

-Ray, the one and only hungry sunflower~



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