Day 5: Too Many Ls

On the fifth day of Christmas my lover gave to me: SO MANY FUCKING Ls 😦

Hey what is up fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another post. Today was a sad sad day. I took too many Ls in one day! Feels bad.

Today is Monday and we all know Mondays suck. This one is no exception. The day started out okay. My friend gave me a Milk first Cereal second T-Shirt, which was pretty cool. The material is so soft lol, I like it and shall store it for the spring or whenever I feel like getting beat up. Then after that everything just went down hill.

I had a math test today, first period. I studied for the most part and walking into the test, I felt like I knew what I was doing. First period math test suck! I had to take this test in the school library and like that’s the worse place to take a test, besides the lunchroom. There is literally no arm room lol. I’m like elbowing people because we’re so fucking close together. Not only that, I tend to talk to myself during test, which is kind of weird lol, and being so close to other students might distract them (sorry). Anyways back to this test. Holy shit was this test long. It was like 9 questions long but it took the entire class period. The test was fair and all, but it was just extra long. It was about logs, exponents and financial math. Like I barely finished the test in time and checked my answers. I had to solve each question literally as fast as I did or else I wouldn’t have finished. If I moved  any slower, then I wouldn’t have finished, which would of been sad. So many people didn’t get to finish the test, which was also pretty sad. I don’t like how teachers make test that are extremely long. Every single minute of the period had to be efficiently used or else ggnore. Feels bad, feels bad. I think I did well, but every time I say that, I end up fucking up so I’m not going to say anything…

Today I also started the dance unit in gym class, which was kind of weird. Social dancing is kind of weird. Lol it’s a bit awkward dancing with girls I guess? I don’t know. Like my friend said, probably the closest I’ll get to girls (lel). Jk, I have more faith in myself than that. Besides the awkwardness, it was pretty fun. The dance instructor goes too fast though. She’s pretty good, but she just goes too fast. She moves so fluently and I can’t move as quickly as she does lol.

Then came the real L. A fucking PUSH. I really hate my life you know? I really regret taking this class. This class is so fucking hard. The test are so fucking hard. The teacher doesn’t teach. I made a mistake. Holy shit, this APUSH Document Based Question was so hard. I struggled so much. Not only am I not good at writing, I had no idea how to format the DBQ. Now the prompt was how did transportation impact the growth of the USA during the 19th century. Literally all I wrote was: transportation increase economic growth. Steamboats made traveling easier meaning more trade. Railroad made traveling easier meaning more trade. I literally wrote the same thing over and over again. Not to mention, I was struggle to develop my argument and use 6 documents and analyze 4 of them. I was just one big mess. I did so horrible on this test. I’m worried, I already have a pretty low grade as it is and any lower and I won’t get an A. This quarter is ending with midterms too so if I can’t get an A now, I’m fucked!

After those Ls, I came home to do some SAT studying. I did a section of math and man do I suck. I noticed 2 major issues with myself. 1): I don’t know how to approach problems and 2): I make too many small mistakes. Sometimes, I have no idea how to start the problem. I get scared because it looks hard even though I can probably do it if only I knew how to start it. Also, I make too many stupid mistakes that it actually hurts. I was going over my answers and I can’t believe the amount of mistakes I made. I need to start realizing my mistakes earlier and do my calculations a lot cleaner. This is simply unacceptable. How am I gonna get a 1500 with silly mistakes?

Sometimes good today was that I decided to do my homework first before playing on the computer. I ended up falling asleep for an hour, so that didn’t go too well. It was the thought that counts right? Haha.

Alright that’s it for today. Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. It better be a better day! I’m going to make it a better day! Not sure how, but I will.

Oww, my finger hurts from typing so much.
Okay, I go sleep sleep now!

-Ray, the one and only sunflower~



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