Mini Rant: Teachers and etc..

Hey there, Ray here and welcome back to another post! Once again it has been a while lol. One of my friends posted on SnapChat, “blogs are high maintenance” and I couldn’t agree more. I mean, I do this whenever and I still barely find enough time to just sit down and write out some random thoughts lol.

For once, this isn’t super late at night! Aren’t you proud of me? It’s like 10:19 PM right now, so I’m just chilling and I remembered that I should keep this updated as frequently as possible! Even if that means I only post once a week. ^_^ Oh by the way, I’m sorry for any grammatical errors or run on sentences or stuff like that. I’m not really good at writing. I know I said that in an early post, but oh well :^) Today has been a super productive day. Oddly enough, I almost finished all my homework today! Almost… I still have to do Spanish homework but that shouldn’t be too bad. It’s funny, because I planned today out to make sure I had some time to write a post and I did lol. Yay for Productive Ray!

My birthday was like 2 days ago, on the 21st! Lol I meant to make a birthday post but never got around to doing it. Man I suck. Procrastination at its finest! I’m 17 now. Woot woot! I’m getting old, not sure whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing. When I was younger I wanted to be older and now I’m older and I’m just not feeling it. With age comes more responsibilities and I don’t need anymore of those. I went out to eat some Korean food with some friends and it was pretty fun. I went with like 4 other people to H-Mart. Only problem was someone forgot to bring money even though I asked her the day before if she wanted to come. And the funny thing is, it’s not even surprising. This person rarely ever has money lol. If she happens to read this, you owe me ><! Too bad I’ll never see my money ever again. She takes ages to pay me back. RIP RIP. Anyways that was my birthday, nothing cool or fancy. My parents forgot it was my birthday, but I wasn’t too surprised. Sad stuff. No cake… well my friends did buy me a cheesecake so I guess that counts. I got some pretty cool gifts too! Two people decided to buy me a hoodie, which was pretty cool. I like how the weather decided to get extremely cold just so I could wear my new hoodie. FeelsGoodMan. Oh and another one of my friends decided to put a red envelope in my backpack and I was like: wtf how did that get there. $15 and some Dunkin Donuts coupons for free coffee. My friends are the best ^_^! Except for those who didn’t get me anything, they actually suck 😛 Just kidding~ I was sort of disappointed with the birthday wishes on Facebook LOL. 222 friends and only 16 people wished me a happy birthday, FeelFacebookMan 🙂

Okay, enough of my birthday. No one really cares about that besides me lol. The next topic is all about teachers. Teachers make or break a class. The classes I like all depend on the subject and the teacher. If the teacher is boring, then most likely, I won’t like the class or pay that much attention too. If the teacher is really bad, I probably won’t pay attention either. However if the teacher is exciting and hypee, the class becomes more interesting. Anyways, there are many types of teachers. Good teachers, bad teachers, nice teachers, mean teachers, teachers who can’t teach, teachers who can’t handle a class, and teachers who don’t do anything. Oh and student teachers.

So during the past week, my AP United States History (APUSH) teacher decided to give us 2 test. Yay I love me some tests. I also love me some teacher who hasn’t taught us a single thing since day one. Now these tests were on Chapters 2-5 or Period 2 of APUSH. Now here’s a question: If you have a test on Chapters 2-5, wouldn’t you assign homework for 2-5? No? Just me? Does that sound wrong? Lol my teacher decided that since we did Chapters 1-5 during the summer, we should already know it and it would be fine to move on. So while I have a test on Chapters 2-5, my APUSH teacher decided: Alright fam, I know you guys have a test on 2-5, but homework on Chapters 6-7 is due on the test day. Huh? WHAT? Why would you make me do homework on 6-7 when the test is on 2-5? It just doesn’t make any sense at all. Like I’m here trying to memorize 2-5 but you’re interfering with your stupid 6-7 assignment. And just so you know, we had to read the chapter and do a workbook page. Both of which were pretty goddamn long. A chapter is like 20 pages on average and a workbook page is like 15 short answers, 10 multiple choice and 10 vocab. So that times two chapters and you have about 40 pages, 30 short answers, 20 multiple choice and 20 vocab due on testing day. All this homework is not even relevant to the test, which pisses me off. Making me learn new information that has nothing to do with the old information. THANKS FAM! Seriously where is the logic with that? Why? Why would you do something like that? It just seems counter intuitive. Also for some odd reason, my teacher decided that it would be fun to troll people on the test. Now the first test was a multiple choice scantron thingy and there was a fucking pattern which was basically         A-B-C-D going diagonally across. At first I was like, there can be no way that this test could be like this. The first time I got ABCD, I was like hmm okay. Then I got it again. And again. I thought I was doing something wrong so I went back to switch my answers and fuck me, I got them wrong. Thanks! Thanks for messing with my mentality. Geez… APUSH is a joke. Why did I take this? It’s so much work lol and the teacher isn’t really that helpful ugh ugh. Okay first teacher is over moving on!

I really don’t like my precalc student teacher. I went from a super hypee teacher who loves math and loves teaching and have this strange aura of hypeeness around her to some guy who barely knows what he’s talking about and makes as many mistakes as I do on a daily basis. Now yes I understand, it’s a student teacher. Chill fam, give him a break. Now the problem with this guy is that half the time he doesn’t know what’s he doing, which kind of sucks. He doesn’t really know how to teach. All he does is introduce something, read what he has off a slide and then asks if the class understands and moves on regardless. The class feels really rushed all the sudden. Like before I was used to a teacher who elaborated on things and now it’s just like, you get it? Cool! You don’t? Oh well, fuck you. For those people who don’t understand, welp you’re out of luck! Now me personally, I’m fine with the material, it’s the people around me who aren’t and they don’t understand. Which is another problem, I sit around people who don’t understand a lot of things and this doesn’t help me… Having my table mates asking me: “What? How do you do this or that?” all the fucking time, slightly annoying. Especially when I’m not good at explaining things. Geez, like just slow down and elaborate a bit more geez. Or maybe these students need to listen better and understand the material. Who knows. However, recently he has gotten a bit better. But that’s not saying much. Trying to take notes in the class is pointless. The student teacher never stops and allows students to take notes. He just goes on and on and on and on and on. UGH! At least he doesn’t piss me off as much as my APUSH teacher.

Geez I’ve been writing for almost an hour! I still have homework to get done lol. This is another 1300+ word post lol! Wow okay, I need to chill. I’m going to end it off here! I need to go write 10 word vocab story hehe! Good bye peeps, Ray out! Have a nice day or night or whatever.





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