Can’t think of a clever title

Hello fam, my name is Ray and welcome back to another post! It’s pretty late. I don’t know why I keep deciding to post when it’s like almost 12 am the next day. Bad habit lol. I should be asleep right now, but I can’t sleep. Oh well, who needs sleep when there is school tomorrow anyways? PS: I do. I always wake up extra tried in the morning yet I never go to sleep earlier the night before. I’m stupid lol. I tried going to sleep earlier many times, but my body just won’t fall asleep. Why 😦

Anyways it has been a while since I made a post and I decided to drop by and fill in those 8 days. To be honest, I almost forgot this was I thing I was trying to do lol. When school, playing League of Legends, hanging out with friends and sleeping consume my time, it’s really easy to forget that I have a blog that I want to try to run and write down my thoughts.

Okay so what has happened between then and now? Let’s see… hmm. Oh, my friend literally turned himself into a meme. It’s really funny and sad at the same time. So I asked my friend if he wanted to play a game of League and he was like nah I got some work to do. So I asked him what work did he have to do and he replied with, I have to do these two English assignments, this one History assignment and organize my Google Drive. That’s right, he said “organize my Google Drive.” WHO DOES THAT?! LOL! Seriously who organizes their Google Drive. No one does that and I thought it was super strange he would say something like that. Like you have these 3 assignments you have to do but you also have to organize something that probably doesn’t need to be organize because everything you need is pretty easy to find with the search function. Huh. Interesting. And of course when he said this, I was like: What the fuck. If you didn’t want to play, all you had to say was no, maybe next time :^) Because in my mind, “I want to organize my Google Drive” sounded like a super bad excuse not to play and it lowkey made me feel bad that this person would rather do something that’s quite pointless than play a game with me :0 Feelsbadman. Of course he didn’t mean it that way. He’s just a weird person who likes to do weird things like organizing his Google Drive and now whenever we’re (our friend group) busy, we’re all organizing our Google Drives. Haha, feelsbadman.

This wasn’t the only incident where something he said could have been misinterpreted. For example, just a couple of days ago, my friend and I invited him to a game of League again because we haven’t played with him in a loooooooong time. Like he’s been organizing that Google Drive forever. So when we asked him, hey why don’t you play League anymore, he gave the most condescending response: “I’m a homework person now, I value doing homework over playing League.” Umm okay? Don’t we all? Like we’re all smart kids who know that we should always do our homework. Thank you Captain Obvious. Are you too good for us now? Like what the?? The way he said, “oh you know I’m a homework person now,” made it seem like we (the peeps playing League) are just a bunch of monkeys wasting our time lol. I don’t think he meant that but I don’t know, seems a bit iffy. Maybe I just need to chillax and stop thinking too much about his words. But then again these two incidents got me thinking. Words can change meaning depending on the person who says them. I don’t know where I’m actually going with that. Lately the things this person say were just pretty savage.

It was also the same person’s birthday the other day. His birthday was on 10/15 and our friends and I partied at his house. Even though he’s been a bit sus the past few days, we’re all still really good friends in the end. Which is pretty cool, having close friends is great. Like many friendships don’t last that long, but like we’re still chilling. We’re like a couple of levels past just school friends. Anyways, we ate spring rolls, fried chicken, stir fried noodles, beef and broccoli and rice at his house. It was sooooo gooood. There was so much food lol. I ate so much that I felt bloated! I swear my face looks 5lb chubbier, that’s not good. Then we watched X-Men Apocalypses, which was a pretty weird movie. Some random peep trying to get other peeps to join him and destroy the world. Hmm never heard that one before. Oh and cake. The cake was good. It was creamy. Too bad it was an Asian cake. I hate those. The fruits taste weird in my opinion but at least it was creamy and fluffy.

That’s really about it. Well the important stuff at least. School is still school, just busy work for 7 hours a day. Nothing new, nothing fun. In fact, the next few weeks, things are about to go from chill to no chill. In my AP United States History (APUSH) class, I have this project called Cemetery. Sounds interesting right? Well it’s not. It’s a group project were four other people and I have to go to a cemetery, pick a person and write his life story. No her life story because we are restricted to men only. We have to make a binder full of stuff. It’s like nearly 100 pages of work. Feels pretty bad man. I made a joke with a friend of mine saying I was going to dig myself a grave at the cemetery and the jokes on my teacher haha. She said she would help me hehe :^) I’m not looking forward to this. I’ve heard stories of how this project literally ended friendships. I don’t want that to happen. My group is pretty meh. I have people who work for the most part, except for maybe one person I voted against however the other people wanted just because they were friends. Sometimes working with your friends isn’t always the best, especially when that friend is known to be lazy and does everything last minute. I don’t like people like that! I mean, I do it all the time with these posts, but like doing last minute stuff with school work is super sketchy. And when I say last minute, I mean it. He’s doing all his work in advisory! Not even the day before, fucking advisory. GG RIP ME! See you at the cemetery haha!

There’s that and also this week there are more test coming up. There’s going to be a physic’s pop quiz one of these days. My teacher keeps mentioning he wants to give us a quiz so I’m just waiting to get sniped with a quiz. We’re currently learning about vectors, so it isn’t that bad. Too bad I don’t really know how to trig that well. I learned trig like 2 years ago and I didn’t like that math teacher so I don’t remember much, sigh. There’s also 2 APUSH test coming up on Thursday and Friday. Gotta do another one of those stupid Document Based Questions (DBQ). The last time, I did a DBQ in a group and we didn’t even finish and know she expects us to be able to do it by ourselves. RIP ME!

But on the bright side, my birthday is coming up on 10/21. Yay me! Oh and also, there won’t be a Rem cover photo, I promise. I’m not a weeb! I promise, I just like Rem haha but there won’t be a picture of her this time!

That’s probably it for now. Damn I have been writing for quite some time now. I should go to sleep. School tomorrow. Grave tomorrow. Got to get my shovel ready! Okay bye thanks! If you read all 1350+ words, you the real MVP.





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