Hello fam!

Hey what is up fam! I don’t know but for some reason, today I thought I’d be a good idea if I started blogging. Who knows. I tried blogging in the past but I would always forget about it and never come back to it. Hopefully this time it’s different. I’ll try to make sure that I post frequently with some quality content. I don’t know. Sometimes I feel extremely bored and feel like I need something to do in my life or else I’m not being productive and end up just wasting time. Welp, hopefully things go according to plan and I will update this and this doesn’t become a ghost town like the two other attempts I did.

Now this blog has no theme or anything fancy. I will just post whatever is on my mind. I don’t expect people to find this blog so most of the things might be kind of weird or depressing or anywhere in between. If you do happen to stumble across this though, it’s nice to meet you! Just know that I’m a horrible person hehe!

If you’re wondering why this blog is called “Depressed Cloud,” well I don’t know either. Sometimes I feel really depressed and feel like my life is really sad and nothing good ever happens. I’m not too sure where I got the cloud part from but I feel like a depressed cloud sometimes, a rain cloud. Although I try to find the good things in life, it’sometimes really hard. Like I have it in my title, I’m just drifting through the sky. I’m just trying to get past my depressed and sad life. Maybe one day things will get better, who knows. It’s not all that bad. Friends make things a lot better 🙂 But it’s still pretty sad, oh well. Let’s not get too sad in our first post. Let’s move onto something more happy, something I like hehe.

If you’re wondering who the picture of the blue haired girl is, well her name is Rem and she’s from an anime called “Re:Zero” which you should watch! It’s really good and Rem is also probably the best character I’ve seen in a while. She’s also best girl, don’t you forget that!

Oh wow I didn’t even mention my name lol. Call me Ray.

I’m sorry for any grammatical errors and shit, I don’t proofread what I write, I just write. If something doesn’t make sense, my bad. I’ll try to catch mistakes but no promises!

Once again, I really hope that I keep this shit updated with post or else it’s going to be another fail attempt of me wanting to write random things down and maybe looking back at those random things and wonder why I did what I did. Anyways that will be all for now, I’ll be seeing you peeps later.



2 thoughts on “Hello fam!

  1. Hmm, sometimes I think happiness is overrated. Sometimes I think people just think they’re happy when they’re not. Take fairs, for instance. They’re always in August, they’re hot, crowded, expensive, lines everywhere and that’s probably all before you even get in. Then you walk around and wait and wait and spend and spend and it seems like everyone is happy. How can that be? Kids are the only ones that are truthful in the way they live. And even they know there’s moments of happiness interspersed in a whole lot of boredom and when things are too much they have a meltdown then fall asleep.

    Anyway, thank for following and I’ll look forward to hearing more from you! And pop over anytime!



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